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How to Kiss Passionately

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A passionate kiss.  Note that the arms, as well as the lips, are engaged.
A passionate kiss. Note that the arms, as well as the lips, are engaged.

There are kisses for just about every emotion and occasion and maybe considered cultural or - the greeting kiss on the cheek, the maternal kiss on the forehead, an affectionate kiss on the lips, the kiss of death-- but on those certain occasions when you want to communicate passion and, maybe, lust, not just any kiss will do. You need a fiercely passionate kiss. If done incorrectly, these kisses can turn out being gross or sloppy, but when performed with skill and feeling, there is no greater expression of love. Here's how to do it right.

Step by step instructions to kiss passionately

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    Make sure your breath is mintyfresh and clean. Naturally you practice good oral hygiene, but if you have any doubts about your breath, take a breath mint shortly before the kiss. Make sure to finish the mint before you lock lips. Be careful, mints may leave a bad aftertaste and make your breath worse. Water is the best bet! Leaves you no aftertaste, and freshens your mouth and leaves you not thirsty.
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    Approach the kiss with confidence. Try to kiss their cheek so they turn their head your way. Once you've chosen the right moment to kiss someone, there's no turning back, especially if it's your first time kissing that particular person. Be decisive and confident. If the person doesn't want the kiss, he or she will let you know, but until then, act as though you're a pro.
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    Angle your heads so that you don't bump noses.
    Angle your heads so that you don't bump noses.
    Lean in and turn your head slightly. Leaning in signals that you want to kiss the person, and turning your head prevents crushing your nose against the other person's.
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    Start slowly. Don't try to thrust your tongue in your partner's mouth right away. Simply press your lips against theirs. Close your eyes as you do so to heighten the intimacy and to avoid looking at the pores on your partner's nose. Imagine your eyes are being controlled by a dimmer switch.
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    Open your lips slightly. Once the kiss is accepted, try opening your lips slightly. If the other person follows suit, try slightly varying the openness of your lips (both more and less open) throughout the kiss. You may wish to explore the person's lips and tongue a bit with the tip of your tongue. There are no rules; just try to make your motions smooth.
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    Consider the French Kiss. As the kiss progresses, you may want to try French kissing, in which you insert your tongue deep into your partner's mouth and let it dance with your partner's tongue.
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    Try some necking. If things are going well, consider spicing it up a bit by moving your head down to kiss and lightly nibble your partner's neck.
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    Keep your arms busy. You seldom, maybe never, see a great kiss in which the participants just let their arms dangle at their sides. At the very least, embrace your partner and gently pull him or her to you. You can also run your hands through your partner's hair; or caress his or her back, sides, or other parts of the body. Wrapping your arms around your partner can also be a big TURN-ON!! Where you put your hands should be determined by the status of your relationship, your desires, and your partner's signals, whether spoken or communicated non-verbally.
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    Try a ten-second kiss. Some find that a kiss of at least ten seconds in duration will passionately bond two people more than a shorter kiss.

Tips / good to know

  • Avoid breath-killing foods, such as garlic and onions
  • hickey or love bite. A hickey is a red or purple mark caused by sucking on the skin. Some people like them, but they can be painful, and they don't go away quickly, so be sure to discuss this with your partner before trying to give him or her one.
  • If you try to kiss deeply in someone's mouth, be sure that they want it. You can tell in their kiss. First of all you can tell if they want you, by how far open their mouth is. If it is slightly open, don't do it. They might not be ready.
  • If you are confident your breath is fresh, as you slowly move in for a kiss let them feel the warmth of your breath. Then as you kiss them inhale just a bit. You will literally take their breath away and send tingles down to their toes.

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  • WARNING! Hickeys are likely if you haven't refined your skills in the art of necking.
  • If your attempt to steal a kiss is rebuffed, respect the person's wishes, and back off immediately. If at any point your partner seems uncomfortable with anything you're doing, stop.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with anything your partner is doing, or if you don't want to kiss someone, let that person know. Be polite, but be firm.
  • Kissing will increase your chances of getting mononucleosis[1] so be cautious if the other person is exhibiting symptoms and don't kiss them at all if they definitely have it.
  • If you think your partner wants a kiss but doesn't seem to know how to begin, or is unsure of your feelings, stay near them, hold their hand, let your eyes gaze briefly at their lips, or give them a kiss on their cheek. They'll take that as a go-ahead.
  • Deep kissing may transmit infectious diseases such as herpes and infectious mononucleosis.


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