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How to Kiss a Girl

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Step by step instructions to kiss a girl

Tips / good to know

  • Some girls don't want to "make out" for the first kiss, but some do. Try a quick peck on the lips, then move in for more. If she pulls away, do not try to kiss her more. If you forget this tip, don't become frustrated with her reaction. Simply back away and keep your cool.
  • Kissing during an on screen kiss during a movie can sometimes be a cheesy idea. Try doing it when you feel most in love.
  • Try to have your first kiss before the end of the night. It's spontaneous, and you might just catch a chance for a beautiful kiss she'll remember for a long time that you'd miss by waiting until the end of the night. If you get a chance to kiss her when saying goodnight, don't hesitate, but be warned that it might not set you apart from all the other "boring" guys who kissed her when saying goodnight.
  • It is probably best done in a private place, so that you two feel more comfortable after kissing.
  • Discussing what you and your partner like and dislike helps a lot when heading towards kissing. Try to do this before you actually kiss though, it could get awkward talking about kissing after a kiss.
  • Make sure your breath smells good.
  • If you have braces, make sure they're clean.
  • Occupy your hands, don't stand with your hands by your sides. Try putting them on her hips at first or gently holding her face. This can be very passionate. Avoid her bottom and breasts, unless you are very very sure that's what she wants and never in public.
  • Shave your face before you go on the date. Most girls don't like the prickly feeling when you kiss them.
  • If it's cold outside, that is a great opportunity because then you have an excuse to hold her close to you. While you are holding her, be face to face with her and talk to her while your faces are kind of close to each other. That makes a great opportunity to kiss her.
  • IF the girl is taller then you don't worry it's the same as kissing a shorter girl so don't worry about anything like that

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