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How to Know if a Guy Likes You

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Couple in love
Couple in love

There's no way to know for sure if a guy likes you, unless you ask him (and even then he could get shy and say no!); here are some tips to help you determine if he likes you.

Step by step instructions to know if a guy likes you

  1. 1
    Examine his body language. If he likes you, you may see that he rarely turns his back to you, often leans towards you, and also looks at you a lot. If he slouches his shoulders when near you, he's romantic and cares about what you have to say. If he points his shoulders and pelvis towards you while sitting, he is definitely feeling something for you.
  2. 2
    Notice his eye contact. If he likes you, he may either look away quickly if he is shy, or he'll try to catch your eye and hold it or make faces. This can be uncomfortable if you don't like him. If you feel like you have held eye contact just a fraction of a second longer than you would with anyone else, or if he looks away quickly, then there is something there. When he's around you and he says/does something funny and everyone around laughs, his eyes will flicker towards you for a second to see if you laughed, too.

    • His pupils may dilate if he likes you, but this is quite hard to pick up on, and you might come across as acting strangely by looking that closely into his eyes. If you're around him for a long time, it could be easier to pick up on gradually.
  3. 3
    Listen to what he's saying. If he likes you, and he's nervous, he'll probably start talking about himself. Many times, guys feel the need to prove themselves- especially if you talk about another guy in his company.
  4. 4
    Be aware of touching. He might put his hand on your arm when he laughs, and won't move his leg if it happens to touch yours, or he may hug you for small things - all are good signs of a guy liking you, unless he's a bit of a "playboy" who flirts with a lot of girls. See if he uses any of the tricks in How to Touch a Girl, and see if he uses them more with you than with anyone else.
  5. 5
    Watch his actions around other girls and see if he treats you differently. Some guys flirt with other girls to get your attention. It gives them a chance to see your reaction, and helps them know if you really do like them or not. You can tell that they are trying to make you jealous if they find little times when they're flirting with the other girl to look at you. His eyes will flick over and look at you. Another sign is that when you leave, he stops flirting with the other girl. That will be a harder one to pick up on, but you can have a friend look for you or something like that. You have to be sneaky sometimes to find out if a guy likes you.
  6. 6
    Watch for him showing interest in things you like and do. For example, if you like a certain genre of music that he likes as well, he may suggest bands or artists for you to listen to. Another example, if you play sports he may ask to play against you just to show off that he's good at something you both like and then also have a reason to give you compliments as well.
  7. 7
    Check for signs of nervousness For signs of nervous laughter, sweaty palms, deep breaths, fidgeting,or possibly even looking away quickly when you notice if he is watching you are all good signs of an attraction towards you and that he is nervous about making an impression on someone he likes.
  8. 8
    Pay attention to his friends. If they know he's interested in you, they might tease him subtly when you're around, hint to you that he likes you, or even try to find out if you like him. Study their reactions to your presence - do they smile? Do they turn to him? Do they smirk in a way that suggests they know something that you don't?
  9. 9
    Don't ignore him If he shows genuine interest in you, (i.e. smiles at you a lot in the hallway, work, etc., at least go out for a walk.)
  10. 10
    Look to see if he imitates you If he mimics you, he probably likes you, such as, if you move to another table, he'll go with you.(I've had a guy who liked me mimic me before, so I know this is one thing)
  11. 11
    Teasing If a guy teases you a lot, it might mean he likes you, but if he doesn't tease any other girl, he probably does like you.
  12. 12
    Hitting A guy may hit you but it's just flirting he probably just wants to see your smile i have had a few guys that will hit me that like me. You may find it annoying if you're not into him, but otherwise if you hit back then that's a way then he can know that you like him back!
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    Compliments . If you do your hair or makeup differently one day, and the guy notices, that's a very good sign that he likes you. Most guys won't notice, and if they do, they won't say anything unless they're into you. Anything like, "You look nice today," "I like that shirt," or even "Did you do your hair differently today? It looks nice," are all indicators that he could be interested in you. NOTE: If he's a good friend of yours, these won't necessarily be indicators of romantic interest. It could just be him being a good friend. Not all guys are this straightforward about compliments, so don't be worried if he doesn't compliment you.
  14. 14
    Watch for him noticing 'masculine things' on you. For example, some of your dad's aftershave rubbed off on you when you hugged him. Your crush may say 'is that aftershave on you?' Thisn indicates he thinks it is from another guy (and not your dad!)

Tips / good to know

  • If you like him and you are confident, ask him out.
  • The Clock Test: To see if a guy has been checking you out, abruptly look at the clock, then look at him really fast. If he followed your eyes to the clock, he was staring at you and was startled by your sudden movement that following your eyes is a reflex to them.
  • If he seems comfortable talking to you about other girls, he probably does not like you in that way. Either that, or he is trying to make you jealous, which might mean that he likes you but doesn't reflect too well on his character. Or he could be trying to see if you like him.
  • If his ex hates you, there might be a reason.
  • If you have a different lunch schedule than him, try "visiting" your friends in that period and pass by him so he knows you are there. If he comes by to sit with you, or "surprises" you by sneaking up on you, talk with him. Then, later, ask your friends if he normally comes over to sit. If he doesn?t, he most likely likes you and wanted an excuse to be near you.
  • The Pencil Test: If you have a lead pencil, "accidentally" break it. If you ask him to sharpen it for you, and he says "Yes", he could be into you. If he says "No", no hard feelings, he could be shy.
  • Here's a way to ask him if he likes you without really asking! You can tell a friend to go up to him, look him up and down, and say, 'You and (insert your name) should go out.' If he looks at your friend like he's thinking or nods at her/him, he may be considering the offer. But if he shrugs, or just turns away, don't think he doesn't like you. He may not be comfortable telling your friend if he likes you or not.
  • You return the favor, too! If he winks at you, let him know you know what that means by smiling, laughing, etc.#
  • If you notice him walking behind you in the hallway, continue to walk in front of him and pretend to not know he's there. If he likes you, he may try to catch up to you and make it seem like a casual "Hello."
  • Notice how he acts around his friends. Now, do he act the same with you around?

Things you'll need


  • If you look at him a lot, he might look at you just to see if you're looking at him and not because he likes you.
  • Remember that if you like someone you can sometimes misread their signals in the hope that they like you back. For instance, a guy who teases you in an affectionate way may act like that towards everybody and doesn't realise that he's making you swoon every time he pokes good-natured fun at you!
  • Watch out for the subtle guys. If he asks you something that could potentially be a date but you're not really sure, make sure it's clear before you agree to it. It can be uncomfortable when one of you thinks you're on a date and one of you thinks you're not.
  • The wrong kind of guy might say he likes you without meaning it; if this is the case, he probably wants to see how far you would go with him, for any of those activities (whatever they may be) themselves and for bragging rights among his friends.
  • Don't ask your friends to ask him if he likes you. He might not be truthful and tell your friends that he doesn't like you. It doesn't work 99.999% of the time.
  • He doesn't look in your eyes when talking to you. If he focuses more on your body, be careful, he may not like you for you. He could just be looking for a "good" time.

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